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st. John safety and health Society is to design safety passport training, st.john safety passport, safety passport, health safety training, safety passport training, safety standards, safety training, safety passport card and to effect their delivery through a National Network of accredited training providers working together with industry. SAHS is committed to providing a nationally recognised standard of health and safety training assurance. Our courses are designed to provide people with an understanding of their health and safety responsibilities at work in compliance with their legal requirements, best practice in health and safety and their organisations health and safety policy

The ethos of St. John Safety Passport Scheme is to make a positive enhancement of health and safety standards at all levels among workers in the participating sectors. The Safety Passport card demonstrates that you have the necessary minimum standard of health and safety knowledge required to work in hazardous industries.

Countless years of experience and expertise from industry experts, major clients, contractors and providers, regional cluster groups and academic institutes have lead people all over the country to trust the SSPS Safety Passport card as the ideal way to show that they have the minimum safety standards and competency necessary to work safely in hazardous industries

We encourage organisations to recognise different passport schemes, if they are confident that they represent a level of health and safety awareness needed for the work being carried out. This can help reduce the burden on businesses and people who operate in more than one work environment.

The St. John Safety Passport Scheme work with employers, employer associations, Trade Unions, National Trading Organisations and other relevant bodies to design and develop training programmes tailored to suit each sector.


SSPS have designed and accredited several passports for different sectors. Petrol Retail Passport which is highly successful and considered best practice within this sector Mineral Product Sector devising and implementing a Quarry Passport. Other sectors with their own specific scheme include Building Maintenance, Food & Drink Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Industrial Utilities, Live Events, Logistics, Ports & Shipping and the most recent sector Facilities Management..

On successfully attaining the Core Day pass mark of 80% the individual receives an SSPS passport showing the sector icon. After attending other modules a new passport is issued showing the additional training that an individual has attended.

Participating clients will have limited access to our database to validate a person's training records 24 hours a day when our on-line operation commences. This facility could negate the need for an employer to record their own health and safety training records should they so wish.
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