Fire Consultancy Services:

As well as Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Training Courses. We also provide a wider range of consultancy services to businesses which typically include:
Fire Safety Training at your workplace
Fire Safety Auditing
Fire Risk Assessment
Building code Advice
Annual Fire Safety Statement
Occupancy Level Consultancy
Fire Signage Surveys
Fire Strategies
General Fire Safety Site Meetings and Advice
Workplace fire safety is not only essential for you and your workers, it is a mandatory obligation. Our fire safety training courses and accredited qualifications will help your business:
Comply with all fire safety legalisation
Protect people and premises
Limit financial losses as a result of fire
Reduce insurance premiums
Bring to the fore any deficiencies in your existing workplace fire safety contingencies

Enforcement Notices

Have you received an Enforcement Notice or a Prohibition Notice from the Fire and Rescue Service?
We can assist you in addressing the requirements that have been imposed on you by the Notice, offering clarity and understanding in relation to the items within the Notice as well as practical proposals that will assist you in providing a remedy for the failures identified within the Notice and returning you to full compliance with the Fire Safety Order.

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