Highrise Building Safety Services

Many of us work or live in a highrise community. That is what a multi-story building is, afterall -- its own community. Once through the doors and up the elevator we are familiar and comfortable with our surroundings. But highrise buildings have distinctive types of fire safety considerations. They also present unique fire hazards and evacuation requirements. What we do (and don't do) in a highrise emergency can be a life or death decision. By its nature, working or living in a highrise means that height will delay a quick exit in the event of an emergency. We also must remember that, once a building's elevation rises above the height of the local fire department's tallest ladder truck, firefighters will be confronted with several constraints and limitations during rescues.

This is why special preparations and ongoing awareness are so very important for tenants, property managers and each individual who is in the building.

Whether you are interested in Occupational Safety, Staff emergency or First Aid training, we are here to assist.

High Rise Safety Services provides:

NBHSSA approved emergency manuals
NBHSSA approved high rise evacuation fire drills
NBHSSA on site occupant/staff emergency training
Fire Safety Director & Floor Warden NBHSSA certification
BOSH certified First Aid/CPR training
fire mock drill training

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