Petroleum Driver Safety Passport

What is the Petroleum Driver Safety Passport Scheme?

The Petroleum Driver Safety Passport (PDSP) is an initiative by ST.JOHN to ensure all tanker drivers in the India are trained and assessed to a consistent, high standard. It has been created by the NBHSSA with partnership of employers, industry bodies and trade unions. The NBHSSA has appointed the SAHS, who already manage the Many Safety scheme, to manage the PDSP. The PDSP Scheme sets a benchmark in competency against which all road tanker drivers loading, transporting and offloading petroleum fuel products in road tankers in the India are measured. Competency is assessed using both classroom and practical techniques, and the passport is renewed on a three year cycle, but also has an annual refresher requirement. For terminal operators, this provides a level of confidence that tanker drivers holding a valid PDSP who enter the terminal boundary to load product have achieved and demonstrated a minimum level of competency. The PDSP scheme applies to drivers who load, transport and off-load the following products: – Gas oil or diesel fuel or heating oil, light – Gasoline or petrol or motor spirit -- Kerosene – Fuel, aviation, turbine engines The PDSP scheme is an industry created owned and managed code of practice. Independent legal advice has confirmed the lawfulness of terminal operators requiring a valid PDSP for any driver of an India registered vehicle engaged in national transport before allowing loading activities to commence.

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